Top Quality Lash Extension Supplies Wholesale Supplier

Jijia Hair Company is the industry leader if you talk about lash extension supplies wholesale in China. We offer a wide selection of hair care items that include classic mink eyelash extensions, human hair bundles, lace frontal wig, headband wig, lace closure, double-drawn hair, and human hair ponytail.

Features of Our Lash Extension Supplies Wholesale

Easy To Use:

Our classic eyelashes are easily removable from the strips. The strips here can be picked from the basis as well. Our eyelashes extension supplies wholesale are for professional salon lash artists too that can save huge time for your B2B clients.

Great Material:

Jiaji lashes are made of premium A-class material. Our lash extensions are as LIGHT and SOFT as your natural lashes. They are comfortable to wear as we bring the best quality experience to your customers. 

After Sales Service:

Our classic mink eyelash extensions are high-grade black. They can be returned if you or your customers are not satisfied with our lash extensions. Also, we will positively respond to any of your requests. We never let our buyers alone after we deliver the order.

Strong Bond and Easy to Use

Our lash extensions and classic mink eyelash extensions are easy to pick from the strip and strike off without sticky residue. Jiaji is ideal for lash professionals searching for high-quality lash extension supplies wholesale.

We offer an ellipse shape that allows the lash to bond stronger to the natural eyelash; significantly improving retention!

What Sets us Apart

Quality Control

We imply the policy here at Jiaji to provide the exact requirements of our clients. To get this, we have a standard and documented Quality Control System (QCS) based on ISO 9001, which has been in place to determine and control the activities necessary to fulfill and comply with our customers’ expectations.  

Compact Production Facility

Since we’ve been in the classic mink eyelash extensions business for over a decade, we’ve learned how to keep our production facility as small as possible. We have separate sections for production, quality control (QC), and testing for this.

For the production hub, we have dedicated workers whose sole responsibility is to keep the production of lash extension supplies wholesale running smoothly and without any interference. 

We have earned our reputation as a hair wigs supplier on the back of seamless service, quality products, and affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!