Top China Human Hair Extensions Suppliers

Jijia Hair Company (Jijia) is among the most sought-after human hair extensions suppliers in China. We have been advancing with clients for over a decade and always adhere to the mantra of ‘quality first and customer first’ to keep our brand at the top.

 Why Jijia is a Desirable Brand

We select raw materials carefully and follow up every manufacturing link. Also, we do not forget the original intention.

We wish every woman knows that no matter they are, how old they are, and where they are, they all are worthy of being charming and beautiful!

How did we start as a hair wigs supplier?

Molding hairstyles at will is a dream of every beauty-embracing woman. Nothing makes a woman more confident than having a new hairstyle! We always convey our message

“Love your hair and enjoy your life”

We put our heart and soul to help every female become confident and attractive. We hope everyone can find beauty in their way!

Why choose Jijia’s Human Hair extensions?

You can get a popular and unique color from our company. This is among the most convenient hair extensions that can change to a beautiful look, which only needs 3-5 minutes.

As one of the in-demand human hair extensions suppliers, we believe in providing strong, healthy, and endurable hair extensions.

Aspiring Features of Our Hair Extensions

Hand made

We offer hand human hair extensions that are comfortable, breathable, strong, and durable.

Cent Percent Human Hair

Our human hair extensions can be styled, offer fashionable color, and is healthy and soft.

Full End

To be different from other human hair extensions suppliers, we offer tangle-free and no split ends extensions. They are thick from top to bottom.

What Sets us Apart

We Go With the Flow

We offer our customers the most popular trendy colors. We have our design team that will combine the popular colors of the season with colors that can be used in everyday life to meet your various needs. Because all of our products are based on actual shooting, you can be confident in selecting your favorite color. 

Products Pricing

We provide multiple pricing options to remain competitive. We offer salon and other B2B clients in bulk. So, pricing can never be the bone of contention.  

Fast Delivery

We make certain that orders are delivered at the agreed-upon time. We believe in prompt delivery, and as a result, we have earned a reputation as one of the most dependable human hair extensions suppliers in China.